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    Hi Everyoone- I roasted pumpkin seeds with non stick cooking spray and some salt. Any idea on points for these? I know the spray and salt are both 0. Thanks! They are my weakness this time of year!

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    Wow .. it kind of surprised me, but probably shouldn't have.
    According to a food list i have it lists 1 Tbl = 1 point (same as sunflower seeds). I was thinking of roasting some tomorrow, but i may rethink that!

    Calorie king says 1 ounce raw pumpkin seeds (142 seeds) = calories 165;fat 13;fiber 1.1 = 4.2 points!

    A LOT more fat in those than i thought!!
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    my complete food companion says 1 Tb. of pumpkin seeds is 2 pt, 1 tsp. is 1 pt.

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    Wow! I'm really surprised as well! I thought that they would have been much lower in points. I thought that because they had so much fiber, they wouldn't be THAT many points. Eek! I may rethink roasting some pumpkin seeds!:eek:

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    I wonder if that is seeds including the shells or not.

    If you eat them shell and all you can get a lot more for your Point.

    I used to know, before I turned up allergic to them

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    Wow that suprises me too! For some reason I would have expected a lot less?? I dunno..?

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    1 oz of shelled pumpkin seeds (about 142 seeds) is 4 points. About the same as most nuts (peanuts, almonds...)

    Pumpkin Seeds:

    155 cals
    1g fiber
    13g fat

    Almonds (about 22 nuts):

    165 cals
    3g fiber
    14g fat
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