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* * Forum Rules * *

These days, there are lots of "bots" that scourge the web, collecting data, and posting rubbish. Many of our rules in place are to prevent these "attacks" on the forum.
Way to go guys, ruin it for everyone!

Rules For New Members
No advertising
No posting of off-site links
No posting questionable or objectionable material
No vulgarities or insults
Failure to follow these rules will get you banned without question.

BCB Group Access
Member access to the Boot Camp Buddies Groups is contingent on forum participation.
You must make at least 1 posts in Boot Camp Beginners, or elsewhere on the public forums. (You'll have to re-log for the posts to be counted)
Those who continually access the Buddy Groups for more than 30 days without posting, may be asked to post - or lose access.

Other Forum Rules
For regular members who participate in forum activities, we don't really have any rules.
We do request that you are courteous and considerate. Any posts that are not, will be removed.

General Forum Usage

Reading and Posting Messages

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