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A Little Less Me

Minding My Business

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This journey has made me come to realize many things, but one of those things, surprises me more than most.

People will try to purposely sabotage you; even going to extreme lengths to try and discourage you or make you fail.

I have had people get MAD at me for choosing not eat the foods they bring in to share with everyone, even though they know what my goals are. I have had people smirk at me and say, "We'll see how long that lasts" or even "I thought you were on a diet" when I have carefully planned out my meals for a treat and have the points for it.

At first, I took great offense to it. Why in the world would someone want to be so cruel about TRYING to losing weight?? It was like I couldn't win. Either people were cruel because I wasn't thin enough, pretty enough, in shape enough OR it was because I was trying to DO something about it. They would scoff at me when I put salsa on my salad instead of dressing ("WHO puts salsa on their salad? Ick.") Or ate my ever-faithful 1TBSP of Peanut Butter on my Toast ("You eat the SAME food every day") or my favorite - when I ate my carefully planned out lunch, as opposed to eating the full-fat catering that was ordered for meetings, ("Guess our food isn't good enough for you. That's kind of snobby!") Me? The snob? Seriously?!

After a while, I got used to the remarks and I just played the "kill them with kindness number". While they stuffed their faces and I took the 3 flights of stairs down to the restroom and trekked back upstairs each time I needed to go. They laughed at me and while they didn't think I was listening, they talked about how stupid I was - like taking 3 flights of stairs to the bathroom was going to make me thin. So, secretly, I laughed at them, because when you are drinking 100oz of water each day and you are going to the rest room at least 15 times.. it adds up..and my legs were getting some serious definition to them.

Slowly but surely, the girls in my former office were bringing soups and salads to work or opting for salads when going out to lunch. Granted, they were covered in fatty dressings, but they were "eating like me". I never said a word. Then, they all started looking at their nutrition labels, a few even asked me questions about points and things... non-chalantly and then mockingly of course. ("I can't believe you know how many points are in everything... that's clearly obsessive.")

The best feeling - the most REWARDING of all of the "minding my own business" was, one day, while jogging up the 3 flights of stairs from a trip to the loo, was passing the Queen Witch... the one who was about 80 pounds heavier than ME, walking downstairs to the restroom. So, the only comment I made was "Oh, hey. Where are you going?" And her face turned bright red and then she got this angry look on her face, but said, sarcastically, "To the bathroom" almost like it had been her idea and I stole it from her. I was cackling like a mad woman on the inside.

All of those mean remarks, all those snide comments, and they eventually wanted to be like me. They saw the progress that I was making..and they were jealous of me. It was an amazing feeling.. and all I had to do was mind my business, take care of me, and ignore all of their rudeness. I was taking care of ME, no matter what they thought or what they said, and eventually, they wanted to ride MY bus.

So.. secretly.. I am minding my business. I have a new set of co-workers - people who, almost lovingly, try to sabotage me.. make silly comments to me about "losing weight" or that I'm obsessive weighing each week. But you know.. I have noticed a creep in health foods making their way to our fridge each week...



  1. ShrinkingKaren's Avatar
    You are taking care of YOU that's all that matters. The comments and remarks are clearly obnoxious but they are not a reflection of who you really are. You are a great example of health a dedication to a healthy lifestyle.
  2. LeeBeeJeebies's Avatar
    Oh wow. I really, really loved this blog. I really makes you wonder...why DO people get so cruel about others trying to lose weight? Why are they so critical and bitter? I'd really like to study the psychology of that. I wonder if it is similar to people "hating" thin girls? I am guilty of that. I see a thin [I]gorgeous[/I] girl, and I instantly can't stand her. I mean, it's not like I [B]really[/B] hate them! I have many wonderful, wonderful friends who are thin. I don't hate them at all! But I always feel spiteful of their beauty. I don't know why. It seems like it's similar to those people who hate US for trying to lose weight and get healthy. Hahah women are never happy! We either hate you because you're skinny, we hate you because you're fat, or we hate you because you're trying to GET skinny. Hmmm what is that really all about?

    I think it's really crappy that all those people are so critical of you. And they are so irritated that you're trying to get healthy. That's so frustrating! But good for you for recognizing what it really is (their own insecurities), and good for you for staying positive instead of letting them bring you down! It's HARD to remain positive when [I]everyone[/I] constantly points out how "stuck up" you're being (are you kidding?! THEY'RE the stuck up ones!), how rude you are (again, YOU - rude??? I think they need to look in the mirror!), and how you're wasting your time running up and down the stairs (um hello - THAT'S how you lose weight - EXERCISE). They are clearly just jealous because you've actually done the "impossible." You've changed your whole life. And it's actually paying off.

    Good for you, Trish. Keep your chin up. Maybe someday these girls will apologize for their rudeness and obnoxious behavior.
  3. ClassyLady's Avatar
    Thanks! They won't ever apologize because I don't work there anymore, but that's okay. I try to wear their comments as a badge of honor - one more thing trying to drag me down that I will overcome. It doesn't mean that I don't get offended, but you know what? WHATEVER!

    People will find reasons to hate you for whatever reason; you're too fat, you're too thin, you're ugly, you're beautiful. All that matters in the long run is how YOU feel, and if I'm working on making myself the best I can be then I will just focus on that and loving myself. I don't want to "hate" other girls because of how they look; mostly I'm hating on most of their attitudes, because knock outs are usually looking at me like, "Thank GOD I don't look like that". I never want to make a person feel that way, and once I get to goal, even if I feel great in my skin, I will never treat other people like that. Ever.