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A Powerful Woman

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I just finished my second month with WW. I have to admit that I am now a die hard WW advocate. This program is the bomb - pure genius. That doesn't mean I haven't had ups and downs. I've struggled; I've celebrated; I've lost a total of 13.2 pounds.

I was on the WW website once this month and read a really wonderful quote by Stephen Covey. It said, "Between stimulus and response is our greatest power - the freedom to choose." I've never thought of myself as someone with power. Responsibility, yes. I have lots of responsibility. Authority, sure. I'm an authority figure at times. But power? Not me.

I started rethinking that. Example. I was at home one day and had a wonderful, healthy, OP lunch. I had to go into the office in the afternoon. I smelled it the minute I walked in the door. They had ordered lunch. Everyone there was in the kitchen eating. I'm not going to tell you what it was, because it will just make you hungry, but it was not on the filling foods list. So the stimulus was the free food in the kitchen with my name on it. There is my power. Right then in that moment I had a choice to make. That choice is power.

My dad used to say that power is wasted on politicians. I never thought about it until now. Wouldn't it be a shame to have power and waste it? When I eat empty calories, I'm wasting my power. When I allow emotions to dictate what I put in my mouth, I'm wasting my power. When I allow voices in my head or people around me to sabotage my efforts, I'm wasting my power.

So after reflecting on my second month, I've made a few choices. I choose to use my power to shop wisely and stock my house with filling foods. I choose to use my power in emotional/stressful situations to turn to supportive people, not food. I choose to use my power to plan occasional, OP indulgences. I choose to use my power to exercise every day. I choose to not waste my power on the negative thinking and poor decisions that got me where I am today.

This month I learned that I am a powerful woman. I am powerful enough to reach my goal and keep myself there. That is what I choose.

Okay month three . . . I'm ready.


  1. YVR-Terri's Avatar
    This is a fantastic and very inspiring post. Here's to holding on to our power and making good choices.
  2. Beckster's Avatar
    You are a woman of immense power! Unleash it! WTG! Great post!
  3. Mooselet2010's Avatar
    All I can say is Atta Girl! You are woman lets hear you roar!!!
    Your post was very impressive and definitely food for thought.
    Keep up the good work!
  4. ClassyLady's Avatar
    I love this post.. I have never thought about it on those terms. I have the power to say no and I am only wasting my power when I eat empty calories.

    You ROCK losing 14 pounds in 2 months - you are an inspiration and I can definitely see the fire that you have burning. WTG, buddy!
  5. 's Avatar
    Hi For Me I loved your blog and I am now just getting around to reading it! That is what I needed to hear today after just eating the chocolate around a piece of candy. (I don't like the middle of it just the chocolate around it) sigh! Thanks for sharing your power with us and reminding us of this! Take care and I hope your weigh in is good and that the meeting is uplifting today! Nic Nac
  6. DaphneDee's Avatar
    If Weight Watchers can take you from wondering if you are pathetic to convinced you are powerful in two months, I think I'm going to try it. Congratulations on your success.