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Beginning Again

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I have struggled and been good and fallen off the wagon many times. This seems to be not only my constant pattern but the pattern of many of us.


  1. ANNIE-G's Avatar
    I find myself being totally in control and on program and feeling invigorated, proud and feel like I will never lose this feeling, but I do and then before I know it I am totally out of control, off program, and feeling really bad about myself. I need to understand how I get there and why? do I expect too much from myself when I am losing? do I feel like it is just a matter of time before I mess up? do I think others will expect too much from me?
  2. ANNIE-G's Avatar
    I have 3 great days behind me, no not perfect, but much better than when I wasn't trying and dedicated. I am not perfect, I accept that, I pledge to do the best I can. Today will be another great day, I am back to journaling every bite in Fitbit, and since I am working out I am getting in my 11k steps or close to it.
  3. ANNIE-G's Avatar
    2-29-16 I am doing better, getting in my morning mile makes a difference in how well I do foodwise and stepwise during the day