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2 weeks in

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Weigh in last night, down .8. I think I need to be drinking more water. Even though they say fluids these days, we all know how important water is. I am making the habit of filling up a water bottle each time I leave to go somewhere. That takes the need to stop for a soda or ice tea off the table. Building healthy habits.

My meals are definitely healthier. For one thing I am hungry when I get to it so free fruits and veggies really help. I am so happy watermelon is back. And it may sound weird to see change so quickly but already I am not needs tums for heartburn. Maybe is was the chocolate. I think it was the chocolate.

I have been off work since the middle of last week. It made this week a harder with a food schedule. I do better with more of a routine which working gives me. With more structure to my day comes more structure to my food plan. But all in all I had a loss and I am doing good. I received my 5 pound star last night.

I have always thought WW does not really take care of their over goal lifetimers. We are like the redhead stepchild. No one wants to see us. Well screw that, almost everyone gains back some weight. Even my former leader was a 3 time repeater. This is real life, with ups and downs.

Okay, so heading into week 3 on plan. Here I go, now I am working toward my 5%. I think I need 2 or 3 pounds for that. It feels good to have goals again, little rewards to work for. Once I made lifetime and then gained weight back that whole reward system and celebrating losses did not come into play. I asked at meetings over and over for them to track my losses but that outside of their normal procedure. So when I went back I went back as a new registrar. I have a new id number and am starting fresh. I am brand new and I have a newbie mindset. And that is what is working for me.


  1. judygirl's Avatar
    Hi Sandy, just touching base I am doing well, continuing the battle of the bulge. Hope you're well also. Take care. Judy