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Taking back my life.

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This all feels so familiar and get new at the same time. Over the years I must have filled dozens of journals, and now here I am back at it. But it feels good. I am finally ready to reclaim what I lost, my sense of self. Somewhere along the line in the mess of the last 3 years I lost my way. And what I have learned is how much I cannot control. But what I control is how I treat myself. How much do I value myself? In my picture, how important am I?

I spent much time taking care and worrying on my family, for good reason. But this is the point where I let it go. My health is compromised. I can feel it in my breathing and my energy level. I can feel it in the anxiety attacks. I have been medicating with food and it is just not working. My medicine needs to be releasing the pain and anxiety through healthy living. Through eating right and feeling good. Through exercise, meditation and laughter.

Coming home to myself feels good.