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Bend WW to your circumstances, or vice versa?

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(I originally wrote this on the WW official message boards as part of a writing challenge in which we answer the questions or comment on the tips given in the monthly calendar distributed in many WW meetings. The tip for this day was, "Make the plan work with your life.")

I think that this is a question that cuts both ways. Yes, it's important that I fit my food plan to my daily life, but it is equally important that I am willing to let go of certain events and activities which involve food if they cannot be performed within my points allowance.

Weight Watchers is an extremely livable plan. If we are diligent, almost every daily menu can fit into it. What this means, however, is that we have no valid excuse to go off the plan regularly. We should be able to end most weeks having stayed OP every day.

Will there be emergencies and celebrations which are genuine reasons to go over our points allowance? (I tend to say no, but for most people the answer is yes.) At any rate, is life so treacherous that these emergencies should happen several times each week? Probably not.

I haven't talked about this before on the [official WW] message boards, because I know that it will draw flames from all around. But I think it's time now.

My husband is a missionary to the Philippines, working in a dangerous region where Americans are often kidnapped and terrorism is a regular occurrence.

When I had been on WW about 5 weeks, he left our home in the US for his annual visit to the NGO which he founded, which has provided education, clean water, medical care and other benefits to a remote village.

He was scheduled to be on a certain flight into a small regional airstrip, and the plane was shot down. Everyone died.

I spent the next four days desperately trying to confirm or deny that he had been on the flight. Finally, on Saturday, he called me from the town nearest "our" village, and he had no idea that the plane had gone down. He'd missed the flight, and had chartered a bush plane to take him to a different airstrip. From there, he'd gone straight to the village, where there is no phone service.

The thing is that I am a disordered eater. I overeat to the point where my emotions and body are compromised. And I'd learned during my first month in Weight Watchers that if I were to handle life's daily issues sanely, I couldn't give in to the desire to comfort myself with food. So I stayed OP throughout the crisis, and though it was tempting, I didn't overeat after his phone call either.

If there is a single moment which defies my gratitude to Weight Watchers, this is it. Without it, I can't imagine surviving this situation with my sanity intact.

Not everyone who comes to Weight Watchers is as insane where food is concerned as I am. Many are relatively normal eaters who come here for education, motivation, and interpersonal support. But a few of us are outright self-destructive, and addicted to excess food or junk food. For us, a livable food plan is one which is so healthy and moderate that we never need to take a day off.

Your mileage may vary.


  1. ChaplainKathleen's Avatar
    PS: that would be "defines my gratitude", not "defies".
  2. Kyoot's Avatar
    wow! I'm just now realizing there are blogs on this site. You have a wonderful skill at being able to keep on keeping on during those emotional times. I hope all is still well with your hubbie.