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Scale Died

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My scalde died. Ok, it's not really dead, I'm sure it will work if I replace the battery. I normally weigh myself twice a week at least. I don't go to meetings, so my scale is my main measurement. I know a lot of you are against that. "let the tape measure be your guide" "meaure success by how your clothes feel" etc. I've read it all here.

I went 3 weeks without a scale. I finally found a screw driver small enough to unscrew the tiny screws that hold the battery cover in place. To my dismay, I found it needs one of those fancy round, flat kinds, not the easy AA or AAA that I normally have plenty of around the house.

I'm going to move later this year, maybe i'll just wait until that is over before fixing it. If the suspense of not knowing my weight doesn't drive me crazy, I'll have a nice surprise when I get it up and working again in a couple months.