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Thoughts on being consistently OP, conclusion

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This is a combination of two more "banned posts", which have a happy ending!


I'm grieving a friend today that I've known since she was my third-grade teacher. Later, I was her chaplain at an assisted living facility, and then in hospice. We used to sit in the dayroom with my husband and sing Beatles songs after Sunday services, and she was a great champion of having animals in the facility (including my "service rat" Trickster and my cat Daisy). Old or young, every human being is precious.

So it was an all-nighter yesterday at the far-flung end of our chaplaincy program, and I found myself miles from home and needing to weigh in today because the memorial is tomorrow. So off I went, knowing that my weight would be up because I hadn't slept, I had been crying (which causes my [lupus-related] inflammation to kick in), and just generally out of sorts.

So yes, I was up 1.6. I understood why, and I didn't feel any fear or frustration. That's such a gift: if I stay SOP [solidly or seriously on the program], then the result of the weigh-in is not my problem. WW designed the program, I'm following it to a tee, and the numbers are up to the scale gods/devils. *wink*

I actually volunteered to show her my tracker. And she laughed and said, "If you're that eager to show it to me, there's nothing [bad] to see, is there?"

The meeting was actually fairly good. The leader kept everything firmly under control and stuck to the topic. It makes such a big difference.

You may recall that the most convenient meeting for me was closed recently because it had no regular leader and the attendance was dwindling. Well, this leader is planning to restart it, and asked me to commit to being there (work permitting). I said that I'd be there with bells on, setting up chairs and holding the spare door key.

I wish that everyone could understand the peace of mind and confidence that comes from thoroughly following the program. It's really priceless. Why do people insist that an illusory "freedom" is better than good health and the joy of simplicity and self-discipline?


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    Maybe some posts were deleted based upon what people wrote when they responded to you?

    I hated going to meetings. I went, got the latest materials, and quit. I don't want to hear about how people went on vacation and pigged out, or about what deserts they ate that week. I would leave meetings with cravings for high fat and/or sugary foods I was trying to avoid because people seemd to almost be proud they ate unhealthy stuff and loved to share. I would do great all week, then want to eat the junk they talked about.

    I find I'm having more success not going to meetings. I'm a work in progress. I'm weak. I'm working on my non-craving mucles, just like I'm working on my thigh muscles by doing squats.