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Thoughts about being consistently OP, part 1

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Before coming to the bootcamp, I tried to find people of a like mind on the official WW forums. I found two good accountability groups there, but I also got a lot of flack from the moderators and other members because my way of following the WW program is "too rigid". This resulted in some of my posts being deleted. So I made a habit of saving my posts to the hard drive, just because sometimes I think I'm a pretty smart gal, LOL. So I'd like to start my blog by sharing some of them.


Someone [on a WW forum] accused me of having low self-esteem because I said, "If I reach goal weight..." instead of the politically correct, WW-approved "When I reach goal weight..."

No matter how much self-esteem and "motivation" I have, I will reach my goal if (and only if) I take action.

Losing weight in WW has nothing to do with thinking, and everything to do with DOING.

I attended [a] recent WW meeting where this topic was discussed, and it made me feel very sad. Not for myself, but because the attendees were being told that they will succeed, but not HOW to succeed.

Weight Watchers meeting topics blow my mind. Like the fact that [September's] Routine is "know what you're having for lunch". Really? Why isn't WW saying something a little more realistic, such as "to lose weight consistently, you should pre-plan every meal, every day, with very few exceptions"?

This is why, for my first few months in WW, I rarely stayed past the weigh-in: because everything I heard seemed to assume that nobody was actually able to follow the program.

I recently started staying for meetings again, since I am now using a new WW center in another town. But last week was the last time that I'll do so, because it just doesn't inspire me.

It's like going to an AA meeting where everyone is sitting around drunk.

Is the WW plan flexible? Yes, because it allows for a great deal of personalization in one's eating plan and daily food choices. But does this flexibility extend to "you WILL succeed even if you don't do the basics: planning, tracking, GHGs"? Nope. Just no.

Folks, for me (and I speak only for me): I am not a pretty snowflake in a princess gown, walking merrily though fields of flowers and butterflies on my weight-loss "journey". I am a selfish gluttonous person who stuck to bad eating habits even when I knew better, even when it ruined my health and made me dependent upon others, even when it virtually guaranteed a shortened lifespan and even more dependency, and even when it squandered my skills and talents and prevented me from doing my part to make the world a better place.

Only by the grace of God did I find WW in time, and only by a combination of grace and stubborn willpower will I continue to get up every morning, eat my pre-planned breakfast, and take one more step forward toward personal redemption.

And as in any battle, the victor cannot be determined until the fighting is done. That's why I use the word "if", and why I focus my energies on DOING right, rather than thinking right.


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    You took the words right out of my mouth! The WW center in my town recently opened it's doors for almost the whole day; not just the times of the meetings. That was a big reason I went back to WW. The time I spent at the meetings felt wasted and I wanted to shout 'I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR DAUGHTER"S WEDDING! I"M NOT HERE TO MAKE FRIENDS, I"M HERE TO LEARN SOMETHING!'. The only thing I ever learned at the meetings were which new WW food my grocery store was carrying. As much as I love my fellow man, I need less sharing at those meetings and more education.