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No Turning Back

Still on the wagon!

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I haven't posted in a while, due to a pretty hectic schedule lately.

The last month has been challenging for a number of reasons. I have to be honest with you, but most importantly with myself, and say that I have been struggling the past few weeks. In the past, I would have never admitted this, I would have simply struggled along for a few weeks, then quit the program all together. That was the old me, this new me is refusing to quit. Nor, am I going to sit here and list excuses as to why I have been struggling. I have been there and done that, and know all too well where that will led!

What I am going to do is to think about what I have been doing right.

I have been attending meetings every week.
I have been making healtier choices.
I have been eating 5 fruits and veggies every day.
I have been wearing my activelink every day.
I have been and earning on average 3 AP's a day.
I have been losing an average of 1.2 pounds per week.
I have been increasing my activity.
I have been been able to fit into clothes that have previously been too tight and noticing many of my clothes are now quite a bit loose!

You know, I look at these accomplisments and realize that even though these last few weeks haven't been perfect I have been doing lots of things that are right! That makes it alot easier to think about what I need to do better this week. What is causing me to struggle? I am not for sure what is causing me to struggle, but I do know at least two areas where I have been slacking and that I can take care of!

I have been slacking on drinking my water.
My tracking has been sporadic.

As far as the water, I think that prefilling my water bottles each night before bed would probably take care of that issue and while I am at it I could pack my lunch box. I have come to realize part of the reason is that I am having trouble tracking is that my phone has no signal at work; so I am not only going to pack my lunch as night I am going to pre-track my breakfast, lunch and snacks for work. I have tried writing what I eat down on a sticky note, but that hasn't been working all that well either. It might take a little more time each night, but I think this routine will prove benefical in the long term. What I don't eat during the day I can simply delete when I get home.

Today, I am celebrating that instead of giving up, that I am choosing to go on! No one promised this journey was going to be easy, and I know that I still have a long ways to go, but that's okay because this time I am refusing to allow myself to quit and I know that if I stick with WW, I will reach my goal!

I will be back next weekend!

Till then,



  1. Fluffy101's Avatar
    Amen sister!!! Number one most important thing is positive self talk. It is so vitally important. When I focus on every mistake I make its just an excuse to sabotage myself. You are a true BCB. I am so encouraged by this blog. Thank you Fluffy