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New Beginnings....

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Several of the girls at work have been talking about WW the last couple of weeks and I would think to myself, "Yea, I need to lose weight. I should rejoin WW, but I'm too broke and can't afford the meetings". As I was passing by the health office at work I noticed that there was a scale outside that we could use. So, on Monday I stepped on a scale for the first time in over a year - and I was shocked at what it read. 281 pounds! How did this happen? At first I just wanted to sit and cry. With all the other stress in my life, I really didn't want to know that I had gained so much weight. But then I thought about it and realized I was 281 pounds, weather or not I stepped on that scale. So, I got tough with myself and dug down deep to find my determination. Then I remembered this great place I used to go to the last time I was on weight watchers. It was a place where I had found tons of great recipes, good friends, and most of all - strong, **** kicking support. So, I've rejoined Boot Camp and I'm determined to get myself back in shape. This is my third time on WW. The first time I lost 65 pounds and I kept it off for about three years - then I got laid off from my job. I'm a big time stress eater and next thing I knew I had put 40 pounds back on. After I got a job, I rejoined - and lost 20 pounds, then I was laid off again and quit going to meetings. I handled it better the stress better that I did before, but eventually, over a number of years, the weight crept back on. Apparently it brought along some friends (about 30 of them!). So now, at the heaviest I've ever been, I'm back on WW. I'm not going to meetings as I can't afford them right now, but I have my old program literature and I'm so determined to get back on track and stay there. Look forward to getting acquainted with everyone. If you hear me whining, feel free to give me a swift hard kick in the ****!

Be Skinny


  1. crescentbeachzoo's Avatar
    All right, "Be Skinny," here's the little kick you asked for--. Seriously, congratulations on facing the scale and deciding to do something about it. You will probably find it quieter around here than when you were here last, but there are some posters who are in for the long term. I would encourage you to lurk around the various groups, then jump into one or more of them. I have found that just coming here means I haven't quit, and that is definitely something that I need. Here's to a solid restart and successful journey--remember, you're worth the effort!
  2. Fluffy101's Avatar
    Congratulations Be Skinny on the steps you are taking to place yourself number one and travel this journey of a healthy lifestyle. We are so glad you are one of us. God bless. Fluffy