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No Turning Back

Dealing with a gain

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I woke up this morning and was excited to go to my meeting.
I weighed in and the receptionist said, you are up two-tenths of a pound.
Yet, strangely, I wasn't upset or discouraged. What? Me, the one who has quit WW countless times as the slightest set back? The same person who was a bit disappointed to see the scales only move 0.8lbs last week?

Where has this newfound attitude come from? Honestly, I wish I knew. Maybe it is because I am celebrating all my victories.

*I am celebrating how my grey pants felt loose yesterday
*I am celebrating the fact that I am making positive changes in my life.
*I am celebrating that fact that I am drinking more water and cutting back on the Diet Pepsi.
*I am celebrating that I am eating more fruits and veggies.
*I am celebrating the fact that I have the power to ask someone to move a tempting food away from me.

This journey isn't and can't be solely measured by the numbers on a scale, or even by the size of clothes I am wearing. It's about the small day to day changes I am making, it's about learning how to deal with food choices, and about how I feel about myself.

I could beat myself up, and focus on everything that didn't go right last week, because after all I am only human and I will make mistakes. That's the old me, she no longer exists. The new me understands that I have a lot to celebrate, and now at the beginning of this new week, I can move forward, confident and aware of little changes I can make that are going to pay off in the long run.

I can only fail if I give up! And failure is NOT an option!


  1. RocksAnn's Avatar
    I don't beat myself up for a gain anymore either. It's a lifestyle change and that means for life and life has ups and downs....literally! I'm doing much better being back to work after a long term of unemployment. I did start back on the treadmill back in October, but quit after starting my job 4 weeks ago. My job is very physical and it is exhausting after a hard day. Once I get back in the swing of working again I will get back on the treadmill or go for my nature walks when it gets warmer. Right now I'm on 1st shift but, that will change to 2nd or 3rd after I get hired permanently. I'm a temp right now from a temp service. I prefer to workout before work and not after. For some reason I can't sleep at night if I workout too late, gives me energy, I suppose. My loss has been slow just 16.1 lbs. lost in 24 weeks but, I'm happy with that. Slow is better they say.
    ~I am celebrating my changes I've made for the good to myself.
    ~I'm celebrating your celebrations for yourself as well. Great work! We can do it! ;-)
  2. trish72's Avatar

    So glad to hear that you are celebrating all the positive changes you are making! Congrats on the 16.1 lbs lost!

    Remember, as long as we don't quit, we can't fail!
  3. Fluffy101's Avatar
    Trish, if you can do this so can I. I love your attitude! It's contagious and worth catching. I love what you are saying. If we don't quit we can't fail. Thanks again dear buddy. Fluffy
  4. Peg541's Avatar
    Good for you. Very positive thinking. Will get us all far.
  5. trish72's Avatar
    Fluffy...we are going to be successful because we aren't going to quit!
  6. trish72's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by shelli1
    Sounds like you are working through what seemed to be a set back. I know i too get discouraged when the scales go up ,.... ugh. i did the same thing when i started my plan. i went up a couple of pounds , i had been working out that week too. i wanted to quit and really struggled but here i am again learning to take this one day at a time.
    Shelli, Don't be discouraged, celebrate everything that went right! And sometimes it may not even be one day at a time, but one step! You can do this!