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If You Can Only Do One Thing

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I imagine a situation where a friend comes to me and says that she needs to lose weight, but can only do one thing this month, make only one change or addition. What would I advise her is the one things she should do? I think it is the old "5 a day rule". Eating fruit and vegetables can help in healthy weight loss in so many ways! They provide lots of fiber as well as vitamins and minerals. With so many different fruit and veg, they can provide any taste you are looking for. If you want sweet, have some pineapple, crunchy go for celery, etc. Just the act of chewing and swallowing will provide satisfaction, and the volumn of these foods will help the body as it adjusts to fewer calories. Even if you do nothing but eat 5 fruit and vegetables, you're going to do so much to help yourself. I think everyone needs some "emergency" vegetables, something always on hand that is delicious and will help when that urge to overeat creeps up. For me its asperagus. I love it! A can of asperagus is a ridiculous price, but there it is, ready to help me when I want to binge. I also think we need to bring our adventerous selves to the produce aisle and try some new and interesting things. My latest fad is Swiss Chard. With a little olive oil and garlic - wow, a real treat!


  1. LinMcbee1945's Avatar
    great idea.. however my choice would be fruit over veggies, never did much like them but try my darnedest to get 2 or three servings in besides the fruit.. and they are filling.. and fruit is sweet.. and you can always dip the veggies in NF dressing for a different taste I like your one change!