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Buddy System - Monday 1/4/10

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1. A specific description of the goal with a realistic deadline

I want to reduce my weight by 15% in the first half of 2010, and another 10% in the second half by careful monitoring of my food intake and increasing my exercise.

Also want to reduce my resting heart rate, blood pressure, and fasting blood sugars, all of which should happen if the above goal is met.

2. Reasons why you want to achieve the goal:

I have a very large amount of weight to lose, and am really tired of just playing around with a few pounds off, a few pounds back on (with a couple of friends tagging along). I want to be more fit, and not be totally ashamed of the pictures of myself at Christmas time next year. I really want to be healthier.

3. Obstacles that might make it hard. (we need to acknowledge the obstacles so that we know how to deal with them)

My traveling job makes it very hard. So I need to be super-vigilant about the foods that I put into my mouth and PLAN, PLAN, PLAN. Food may not always be exactly what I would have if I were home, and exercise will have to be adaptable to motel living.

This year will be very stressful for me if all goes according to plan Ė we will move and I will have big adjustments to make. I need to remember that eating isnít going to make anything better.

My husband is supportive in theory, but not thoughtful, about my desire to lose weight. He will bring in pizza, or boxes of cookies, candy, etc. I plan to enlist his help, in addition to his support, and try to get him to eat in a more healthy way to minimize his risk of complications of diabetes.

Recognize three qualities you have which will help you reach your goal:

I have a lot of determination

I have experience (this is not my first rodeo). I have lost weight in the past and increased my fitness level Ė I need to work on maintenance, though.

I donít like to quit and once I state this goal and define it, Iíll do it.

I guess if Cressa is brave enough to post her stuff here, I can be, too.

Weight = 245

Bust 48
Waist = 43
Hips = 55
Thigh = 27 Ĺ
Upper Arm = 15

Besides, if this isn't a BEFORE picture, I don't know what is!!! This was in October in Florida with my sis. I cannot believe how big I have gotten (and this was before the holidays).
01/04/10 - 245
01/11/10 - 240.6 (-4.4)
01/18/10 -
01/25/10 -
02/01/10 -

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  1. montecarlono1's Avatar
    I think you have a well thought out plan and realistic goals - A very positive can-do attitude will take you far :-) You can do it!!!! :-)