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Tomorrow is D-Day for my 2012 Resolution!!!

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OK, today was going to be my first day on my weight loss journey. Problem was I was still recovering from my New Years.. So, I don't think I ate a whole lot of junk food today, but I haven't been journaling and counting my points and definitely no excercise today.

So, I need to look forward and not stress. I still have a whole week to lose 1-2 lbs if I stay focused on my goal. I did, however, step on the scale which I haven't done in a very long time. I found that when I am going to the muay thai kickboxing classes, my weight tends to either maintain or gain and it's the most depressing thing however, my clothes would fit better and people tell me that I'm looking good and losing weight. Go figure!

In any event, here we go again. I am sooo determined to make it work this time and find that zone that I have been seeking. That means will power to turn certain foods down and plan, plan, and plan!!! After a while, I know that it wil become second nature. So, my first mini goal will be 10 lbs and my overall weight to lose will be 40 lbs. I figure I will reward myself with each of my mini challenges without the pressure of a particular time.

However, I have made a promise to work out at least 4 times a week durng the month of January. At that time, I will review how the month of January looks and set my goals for February!


  1. Weitchen's Avatar
    what a wonderful healthy goal! You can do it!!!