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Free To Be Me

When I eat healthy and exercise, I feel great! When I don't ... I feel crappy!

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It has been an uphill battle for me... but I think I may actually be starting to get it! When I exercise, eat healthy, and even go to bed a little hungry... I feel great!!! When I cave and binge of garbage food or fast food, I feel great... for a MOMENT.. and then I feel horrible! Is it worth it? NO!
I love how I feel when I make the proper choices on WW! I love how I feel after I stagger off the gym treadmill! I love how I feel when the scale shows my hard work is paying off.
I love how I feel in general... so why screw that up? No more.. I am on my way!

Sending skinny vibes


  1. BrookeMB's Avatar
    I feel the same way. It makes me feel so good after I've done great that day, followed by a great work out. It puts me in a better mood and helps me stay on my diet. If I do "so so", I'm more likely to mess up the next day too. Yay for feeling great!