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Working the Program for Life

Finding My Way Back

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How many times have I said this? How many times have I done this? How is this time going to be different from last time? Will I be able to "stay the course" as the saying goes? Do I have what it takes to make a "lifestyle" change? Am I in it for the long haul?

So many questions. So many doubts.

I rejoined WW online this morning. Fixed my favorites (most of them - some I just deleted). Made some resolutions. Set some goals. Vow to follow through. Vow to ask for help and give support to others.

Feelings of failure being stomped to the ground....replaced with hope, excitement, resolve. Opptimistic for the first time in awhile. Want to keep it going.


Accept your imperfections

Never give up
Extend a hand to one who is challenged
Watch your portions

Believe in yourself
Entertain the possibilities
Get in gear to go forward
Invest in your future
Never give up
Notice your achievements
Intend to do it
Negative thoughts are banished
Goals are your friend