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My Love & Not Love Yet Relationship With PointsPlus

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I totally get what the new WW plan is all about, and support it, in terms of the attempt to get people to eat more low energy density foods, protein, complex carbohydrates and less fat and simple carbohydrates.

Foods full of fiber and water will fill you up. And, protein and complex carbs take longer to burn and will also sustain you longer. And, simple carbs are absorbed quickly and more likely to become stored as fat. I get it. Really, I get it. I've read enough, even before the new WW plan, to know this all makes good sense - meaning eating more of the stuff that will keep you full, longer, and is fuel for your body instead of primer for the fat making process.

But, I'm still struggling with the new PointsPlus system. Granted, it's only been 4 days for me so far, and I'll probably get used to it in time. But, then again, that's what I said back in 1975 when Congress passed the Metric Conversion Act. And, we know how that all worked out.

It just seems like tracking for WW was easier when the numbers were smaller. Maybe that's just me being math lazy? Maybe that's just a matter of me being able to determine the old points in my head, after 4+ years of tracking, and now having to learn everything all over again? That's all very possible.

But, for now, I'm not in love with the PointsPlus system yet, fully. Yes, I love it in theory. But, in terms of practice, with respect to tracking, it's been a so-so first date.


  1. KrisD's Avatar
    You have been successful and mucho kudos to you! It's hard to change up something that's working so well. I think the bigger numbers are throwing a lot of people. Imagine if Points DECREASED even if we could use 0.25 points or even 0.01 points. Points are just currency. Pretend you've moved to a new country Slimmonia, where you have the same amount of money as before, but you have different things to spend it on.

    As for the metric system--28 g ~= 1 oz. 1 g= 1 ml (100 g= 100 ml of most things). Since WW decided to do default portions of things like wine in GRAMS, I think they're really trying to get us to quit drinking (but may drive us into the bottle!)
  2. Super Bowl XLI's Avatar
    Thanks Kris. I am trying to think of this as walking the same mile, and just measuring it in meters instead of yards. And, I suspect that I will get the hang of the new math soon. I just hope the zero points on the fruit doesn't mess me up. I'm going to have to work hard on not abusing that.
  3. 's Avatar
    My leader had given us the suggestion that the 0 fruit was not intended to be an addition to what we were already eating, but rather a replacement for something else. It is a change, but I think that encouraging the consumption of very healthy foods vs. eating empty calories because they were 0 points is a great thing. :)