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I think I'm at a Weight Watchers crossroads. When I weighed in last Wednesday, I was the heaviest that I've been since some time around late 2006 or early 2007 - when I just about first started the program.

"They" say that you shouldn't look at your weight on a daily basis. And, even on a weekly basis it can be a negative experience. I understand that. So, I decided to look at my weight loss and maintenance progress in terms of "12 week" snapshots. And, here it is, since I joined Weight Watchers:

You can throw 2008 out the window here. I had a ton of stress that year and was exercising a lot to offset that - and it showed in my weight. I was probably too thin and underweight at that time.

The numbers for me, above, from June 2009 through August 2010 are probably a better number for me. I've always felt that 169-170 was an excellent range for me to target.

And, now I'm five pounds over that mark. Drilling down on the numbers, it appears that some time around early September, I started gaining. Not sure exactly why? Could be that I'm getting older? Maybe I'm being too loose with my measuring/weighing/tracking? Maybe it's because I'm lifting weights more? Maybe it's some combination of all these things? Maybe it's a seasonal thing? From the chart, I started to creep up a bit towards the end of 2009 too - and then brought it back down in the first quarter of 2010.

What I do know is that I am extremely unhappy about this today. Borderline depressed. And, I wish I had an answer. At the least, I want to see these numbers go back down, and soon, starting next week.
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  1. Super Bowl XLI's Avatar
    Down one pound this week. Much better than seeing the number go up!
  2. Super Bowl XLI's Avatar
    Down .6 this week. Yes, that's nothing. Could be anything. But, at least it's not a gain.