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And, The Number Is...

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What number? This number.

Yes, I had my body composition analysis done today and my body fat percentage is: 15.3%

Below are the results compared to the tests from the last two years.

Age  Yr Prior    Body Fat %     Dry Lean Mass %  Intracellular Water %    Extracellular Water %
46       NA        12.9%             22.9%                39.3%                    24.8%
47      4.8        13.3%             23.0%                39.5%                    24.1%
48      1.5        15.3%             22.5%                38.7%                    23.6%
Looking at the numbers above, Iím not concerned about my weight gain between 2008 and 2009. I was probably underweight back in 2008 and the level for 2009/2010 is a more reasonable mark. And, yes, Iíve put on a few pounds of fat in the past year. But, I can work on that Ė and, itís not terrible to be 48-years old and have 15% body fat.

All the research I've seen suggests that, for a guy, 10-15% body fat is considered lean/fit and 15% for a guy my age is near excellent. So, I'll take the 15% and won't get down over the fact that it went up from last year.

Besides, with the new Weight Watchers program coming out soon, maybe that will help me maintain or improve this number?
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