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Weighing In Beyond The Scale

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As sort of a reward to myself, and as a method to track my status, I have decided to go for a Body Fat Analysis each year near my birthday. I first did this in November 2008 - one year and ten months after I hit lifetime.

In 2008, my body fat was 12.9% - which was great for a then 46-year old former fattie.

I did gain about a pound between 2008 and 2009 - which was no biggie. Still, I was very interested in what this would mean to my body fat percentage. And, I was very happy to find out last November that it meant little - as my body fat percentage last year, this time, was 13.3%.

I go for my "annual" this year on Friday morning. And, I'm interested to see what the numbers are now. I am about 3 pounds heavier now - compared to this time last year. But, I also recently joined a gym and have been lifting weights three times a week since I joined.

Is the three pounds gain muscle, or muscle and water, or, is it fat? Will I register at ~13% again this year, like I've been the two prior years?

I have a feeling that the answer is "no." And, this is not based on logic - just the "feeling" that I'm not as lean as I was in the past. Don't get me wrong, I don't feel fat; and, I haven't felt fat since 2006. But, I don't feel "skinny" anymore, even though people tell me all the time that I'm "thin."

Well, this time on Friday I will have my answer. Wish me luck.
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