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Today's Idol - The Guy I Don't Know

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I went for a walk this morning. My usual route - 2.7 miles in 40 minutes. No matter what I do, it's always been 40 minutes. It's clockwork.

In any event, at one point, I pass a park with a basketball court. It's a full size court with two hoops. And, today, there was one man on the court, by himself. He was tall and lean. And, if I had to guess, he was in his 60's. What was he doing?

He was jogging up and down the length of the court, dribbling a basketball, and doing a lay-up each time he reached a hoop.

Jog all the way down, dribbling. Do a lay-up. Turn around and jog/dribble all the way back to the opposite hoop. Do a lay-up. And, repeat, repeat, repeat.

I have no idea when he got there, how long he was doing it, or how long he stayed. (It only takes me about a minute to walk past the park.)

But, what a role model, huh? You want to know how someone in his 60's stays lean and fit. They move more - that's how.


  1. For Me's Avatar
    My first race you could do a 5K or a 15K. (I did the 5) All racers ended at the same finish line. I was there to see a 15K racer who I would have placed at about 60 cross the finish line. He was lean, muscular and unbelievably energetic. He finish ahead of many younger racers. A couple weeks later I did another race to try to beat my time. He was there. I watched him warm up amazed at his musculature. I saw his picture in the paper that week. He's 71 and finished first in his age group. I'm running a 10K next week. If he isn't there, I think I will miss him.
  2. Super Bowl XLI's Avatar
    That's super For Me! Imagine, 71! I know many, many, people that age who live in my parents retirement community who can barely get around. I want to be like the guy you saw when I'm 71. (I've got the next 23 years to work on it!)