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My Weight Watcher Journey - Then, Now, & Later

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I was somewhat active until I was 30-years old. From 17 to 29, I would go to the gym on a semi-regular basis. But, my diet was terrible.

Seriously, if I told you what I used to eat, and how much of it, you'd probably start screaming and would run away from your computer - very quickly.

In any event, luckily, being younger, I never got to the point that I was overweight.

That all changed in my 30's. I got married, stopped going to the gym, stopped playing sports, dancing, etc. Pretty much, I was a couch potato. That said, with my terrible diet, lack of exercise, and getting older, I gained 5-6 pounds every year until I was 40-years old. By then, I was a whopping 242 pounds (at 5' 10').

Between my 40th and 41st birthday, I started a "boot camp" exercise program. After 19 weeks with the boot camp, I lost 60 pounds. But, I also somewhat starved myself as well. Because of that stupid move, once I was done with the boot camp program, I started eating poorly again, and gained back 60 of the 70 pounds that I lost (within a year). There was just no way that I could starve myself and/or workout 90 minutes a day, seven days a week.

After a couple of years of trying to get back into it, and failing to sustain anything, I joined Weight Watchers (when I was 43 1/2). For the first time in my life, I learned about making smart food choices, exercising portion control, and tracking my food intake. Within 7 months, I lost the 60 pounds that I gained back plus another 5 pounds to boot. This put me 75 pounds lighter than I was when I allowed myself to balloon up to 242 pounds.

It's been almost four years since I reached my goal weight through Weight Watchers and I have maintained my lifetime status during this entire period. Having now learned how to eat properly, and keep off the weight, I now want to improve on what I'm doing - exercising more and making even better (or more natural) food choices. After all, there's always room for improvement.

I'll be 50-years old in two years and I want to be able to say then that I feel better, and am more physically fit,, than I was when I was twenty-five. That's my new goal.

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  1. minicc's Avatar
    Great job on maintaining your weight loss!!!
  2. Super Bowl XLI's Avatar
    Thanks minicc - it's been constant work. I still track, everyday. And, I still weigh-in every week - even though I'm only required to do it once a month as a lifetimer. And, I try and stay for meetings at least twice a month. My attitude is that you've never made it to the point where you can stop doing the things that got you there.
  3. For Me's Avatar
    Wow. That's about all I can say . . . wow. Thank you for sharing such a motivational story.

    If you ever want to try to run (no pressure) I used a program called C25K. That's code for "Couch to 5K." It worked for me, but I had always wanted to be a runner. I started in April of this year. I was 42. I've done two 5K's now and I'm signed up for a 10K on November 25th. But I agree with you - only do it if it's fun for you. When I finish that race, I will have reached a significant exercise goal for myself, but my weight goal continues to be a bit elusive for now.
  4. Super Bowl XLI's Avatar
    Thanks! That program does sound interesting. And, now that I know about, I'm going to check it out! ;-)
  5. The Rollercoaster Stops Here's Avatar
    Super Bowl XLI

    Very inspirational posting !!! I tried running as well........but the knees could not take it. Soooo, I setteled on powerwalking.......which I love. BTW, I love your quote: you've never made it to the point where you can stop doing the things that got you there. No truer words..........
  6. Super Bowl XLI's Avatar
    Thanks Rollercoaster. I've shared this at meetings, and sometimes people think I'm nuts for saying it, because I've been at lifetime for so long. But, I mean it. It's:

    Tomorrow, I can very easily become a fat guy again.

    Now, I'm not going to gain 65 pounds in a day. But, what I mean is, if I stop using the WW program, without an doubt in my mind, I will be fat again. That's why I have to keep doing it and it never stops.
  7. The Rollercoaster Stops Here's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Super Bowl XLI
    If I stop using the WW program, without an doubt in my mind, I will be fat again. That's why I have to keep doing it and it never stops.
    In total agreement here !!! I've been down this road too many times before. I'm determined this is going to by my "last time" to reach goal. Every other time I stopped tracking, or "tracked in my mind".........sooooooo not helpful. This time the tracking continues on paper........permanently. As well......exercise has become a greater influence in my life, than at any other time during my life.