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Fell Off The Wagon

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I swear, my blogs go from one end of the scale to the other! I have'nt written in a couple of weeks. This is why... I met my first 10 pound goal 9.2.10. Once I met that goal, I deceided to reward myself. I did it with food. Once I had that chicken from Popey's chicken, it was all over. I just got back on track yesterday. So it's been about 2 weeks and a few days. Would you believe that I gained the 10 pounds back that I worked so hard to loose!!!! I'm sitting here thinking about all the food I've eaten to so call REWARD mysef. RIDICULOUS! I'm telling you, I have some serious issues. It's like an itch that I have to scratch. Food can be VERY addictive! Not the healthy food either. Fast food, sweets, salty foods, etc., that kind. I will say, after my binge, I feel bad. Not just mentally, but physically. I fell heavy, kind of sick, and constipated. I think I need to find a food addiction specialist or something. Anyway, I joined Gold's gym and went Monday. I'm going again this evening. I hate exercise, but I feel gereat after I do it. I'll have better news next week.!