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According to my scale, I'm doing GREAT!!!

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Ok, so the past few times I've weighed in, I've been bummed out because the scale at WW isn't reflecting my hard work. I haven't detoured at all from the plan. I also have a WW digital scale at home. According to my scale, I've finally reached my first 10 pound goal today!!! 1 down, 9 more 10 pound goals to go! I'm so excited. I'm not sure how many pounds off my scale at home is from the scale at the center. But the very first time I rejoined, my scale at home had me about 0.5 pounds higher than the scale at the center. Sice then, it's been about a 3 pound difference, with the scale at the center higher. Is it wrong for me to acknowledge my home WW scale over the one at the center. I don't weigh in again until 9.11.10. I think I may go tomorrow just to see what their scale says. Either way, I've worked very hard and my scale definitly shows it! So I'm going with that!!!


  1. crescentbeachzoo's Avatar
    I don't have a WW's scale... I have one of the old-fashioned balance scales that you see in a doctor's office. It isn't digital, but I've trusted it for over 25 years. In the divorce settlement, my ex suggested I take it... he was always on me about my weight, even though I didn't have a weight problem back then (I'm convinced he would have liked me anorexic). I trust my home scale to tell me how I'm doing compared to how I was doing last week... I say go with you won scale! Oh, and congratulations reaching your first 10-pound goalWhoo Hoo!!! You're on the right track breaking it down into smaller bits... keep going bit by bit... eventually you'll be looking at the last bit to conquer!
  2. crescentbeachzoo's Avatar
    Oops... It won't let me edit and I see an error.
    I say go with you won scale!
    should say "go with your own scale."
  3. 1DayAtATime's Avatar
    You know what! Thank You!!!! I appreciate it :-) I'm trying as hard as I can. I just need to exercise!!