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using flex points

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My husband and I decided to make this our night out and go out to eat. I looked up some info for Ruby Tuesday before we left, but got anxious because I was so hungry and I figured I could just make the right choices once I got there. So, here's what I've eaten today, and then I'm going to list what I learned from this.

Breakfast/Lunch- Slimfast- 3 points

Dinner- Ruby Tuesday... salad with all veggies except a little cheese and a few croutons with lite ranch dressing (maybe about 5? not sure about this one), about a half a cup of pasta from the salad bar (?), half a serving of queso dip and chips (4), 2 turkey mini burgers with cheddar cheese and a smear of mayo (15), a serving of french fries (7)- Grand total- 31-35!!

Snack- about 2/3 a cup of chocolate frozen yogurt- 3 points

Total- about 40 points today- 15 over

What I did wrong:

1. I can't get into the habit of assuming I know what is good for me when I go out to eat. Not only am I still new to this, but sometimes it's just impossible to guess how many points are in a food. Also, by planning, I have such an easier time curbing my temptations. If I already have it in my mind what I'm going to order, I do less menu browsing. So, next time, I won't rush out the door, and I will decide what I am going to have before I leave.

2. This is the first time I've actually sat down to a meal and planned on using some of my flex points. I was so overwhelmed by the idea that I was going to let myself have a little treat, that I didn't really know where that ended (this could have been solved by having a plan before I left). I should have just chosen to add cheese to my burgers OR chosen to have the queso dip OR chosen fries. Instead, I did all 3, and could have avoided eating as many points. One treat would have been enough.

3. I shouldn't have eaten that pasta! I didn't even want it....but I kept eating it. Shouldn't have done that.

4. I was craving those fries...I wish I would have compromised with myself and said, ok, I know I really don't want broccoli, but I should get a baked potato instead. I like potatoes!

On a positive note, what I did right:

1. I really wanted a beer, but I didn't get one. I didn't want to drink 2 or 3 extra points. I wanted to save it for dinner, and so I avoided those extra points by compromising.

2. I've never gotten turkey burgers, but I know that turkey is better than ground beef, so I went with those. I liked them more than regular burgers!

3. I went with a salad bar/turkey burger minis combo so that I would be sure to get in some salad as a filler and also get some vegetables in with my meal.

4. We thought about dessert, and almost got one, but then decided against it. I was feeling uncomfortable with not knowing how many points were in the desserts, and that uneasiness wasn't worth it. I'm glad I went with my gut because I almost ate half of a 25 point dessert!

5. I had several pasta choices on the salad bar, and I chose the one that was obviously not mayo based.

6. I asked for mayo for my burgers on the side and just used a tiny bit instead of the glob they probably put on there themselves.

So, I used 15 of my flex points, and I'm trying not to feel bad about it. That's what they are there for right?! It just feels a little bit like cheating, but when I've done WW in the past I remember specifically feeling like I couldn't be losing weight because I was eating good food, but I would lose every week. It's because WW is set up to let you enjoy good food but in a portion controlled way. If I wouldn't have been on WW tonight when we went out, I would have eaten A LOT more and made worse choices.

I'm learning as I go, and being accountable for my choices in this blog really helps!