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Buddy System Weekend Jan 2 & 3

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Good morning buddies. Today I'm at work, and no patients yet, but it's not 8 yet either. Seems we've been very busy the past few days, so Sundays are usually worse.

I will be posting our first challenge!!! So far, I have:


And Karen as cheerleader. KAren, you can also join in whenever you feel like it or put in your 2 cents worth as you see fit,

Anyone else dare to join us???

In my challenge, you will receive one point for each answer. If you don't respond, or if I do not like your answer....... Only kidding buddies. There will be no wrong answers for my challenge, but you WILL be thinking a lot this week, and I sincerely hope that we can all get our brains around what we're trying to accomplish here.
I think that we should do 2 parts of our challenge, and we'll end up with 3 winners. First of all, we should all weigh ourselves and have a starting weight. Second, measure ourselves and have starting measurements, and last, but not least, I will keep track of the numbers for the week-long challenges as we go along.

Are we all set and ready to go?? I know that I am. I will start the thread tomorrow morning with the first mind boggler!! Stay tuned buddies and be ready to be challenged and enlightened!!