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Pawsitive Thinking...and other things my dogs taught me

O.K., so in the end this entire year of self-exploration has gone to the dogs.

That's right, one year ago I logged off of BCB and logged on to a journey of self-discovery and understanding that's really changed my life. I picked up two adorable pooches on the way and my husband and I are now the proud parents of the two sweetest dogs on earth. Animals became my life, self-destructive behavior became a thing of the past, and when I'm not tangling with foster cats, petting strangers animals, or cuddling with my dogs, I'm usually on my blog: [URL=""][/URL].

That's where this next part of my journey begins. Finally, finally, freedom from the self-hate and a new perspective on my body. I bought a pair of pants last night in a size that usually would have sent me home crying and I didn't even blink an eye. So what? They looked good, they fit good, it's all good, and I have a big rear end, so bring on the plus size!

So why am I back at BCB? Why am I back to the WW lifestyle? Because during my sabbatical I was asked to deal with the mental and leave the physical at the door. 46 pounds later I'm now ready to work on both. I miss exercising, and feeling awake in the morning, and I'm not going to lie, my favorite pair of jeans are buried at the bottom of a drawer and I'd like them back...:bcb_grin.

So here we go. One woman, two tiny dogs, and all the time in the world!

  1. Sugar High = low

    by , 11-03-2010 at 05:45 PM (Pawsitive Thinking...and other things my dogs taught me)
    I did something I haven't done in a while. I decided to "start" tomorrow, and I ate about a thousand cups of sugar today. So now I'm disoriented, shaky, and generally unable to focus.