Tae-Bo Questions and Answers

Billy Blanks Tae-Bo

What is Tae-Bo?

Tae-Bo, a unique and challenging fitness system, is a martial arts/aerobics hybrid created by Billy Blanks in 1975. Tae-Bo combines Tae Kwon Do, boxing and dance disciplines and puts them together in a challenging program set to hip-hop music. A typical one-hour class consists of a series of jabs, punches, kicks and steps, choreographed in a series of eight-count combinations. The name, Tae-Bo, is a combination of other words. "Tae" means "leg" and it relates to the kicks and lower body part of the workout. "Bo" comes from boxing and the upper body punches that are an integral part of the workout. Set to the upbeat music, Tae-Bo can be a very satisfying workout because it engages the entire body.

Who can participate?

Tae-Bo is for anyone who wants a complete workout. But more than just calorie and fat-burning exercise Tae-Bo offers a workout for the entire body. As with any new exercise program, you should consult your health care provider first before embarking on it.

Tae-Bo can be done at your own rate. As you build strength, you can do more and you can increase your level of physical fitness, Tae-Bo officials say.

Many women are attracted to the program as a form of strength building. Since Tae-Bo is set to music, it's a lot of fun. You build strength while enjoying yourself.

In addition, while Tae-Bo shouldn't be considered a self-defense course, you can learn defensive moves through it because the program uses imaginary opponents as targets.

How soon can you see results?

According to Billy Blanks Enterprises research, some people report feeling a change in their body the very first time they do Tae-Bo and they begin to see results in as little as three Tae-Bo sessions. Others report change over several weeks. Everybody is a little different and individual results vary.

How often should I do Tae-Bo?

First, as with any fitness program, check with your physician to make sure you can start an intense workout program. Tae-Bo can be done everyday or a couple of times a week. For maximum benefit, like any other cardiovascular program, you should consider doing the Tae-Bo at least three times a week, according to Billy Blanks' Enterprises.

Beginners are advised to start slow and build up their endurance. Tae-Bo is challenging and requires use of your entire body. Don't get discouraged if you get tired quickly in the beginning. The entire idea of Tae-Bo is to maximize the benefits by incorporating the entire body into the workout.

Where can you practice Tae-Bo?

Tae-Bo is a trademark of Billy Blanks Enterprises. The routines and music mixes have been designed by Blanks. The Billy Blanks World Training Center in Sherman Oaks, CA. is the original setting for Tae-Bo classes. But, if you don't happen to live near the studio, you can get started on your Tae-Bo workout in two ways:
  • Find an instructor who has completed the Billy Blanks Tae-Bo training course.

  • The training program has graduated many instructors from all over the U.S. Beware of copy-cat programs, however. There are many "sound-alike" programs that promise the complete workout, but the Billy Blanks organization says there is no substitute for the original program.
  • Buy a videotape.

  • To buy "The Tae-Bo Way," check out www.taebo.com or watch for the popular infomercial. By watching the tape and following the Tae-Bo routine, you can get the benefits of the whole-body workout in the privacy of your own home.

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