4 Quick Tips to Beat Fatigue

Avoid Fatigue Cartoon

1. Eat properly.

Nutritious meals are number one in the battle against fatigue. Make sure to eat high-protein foods, such as meat, cheese, eggs and whole-grain breads with each meal. Munch on fruit when you need a snack. Avoid too much caffeine.

You may want to try perking yourself up with a high potency vitamin B complex, Fifty mg. Of B15 with each meal is said to help. Cayenne pepper is another natural stimulant. You can mix a teaspoon in hot water or take it in capsule form.

2. Get Proper rest.

If you are not getting enough at night, take a break and nap during the day. Or perhaps before you head out at night if youre a late night partygoer.

3. Keep in shape with exercise.

A good daily walk will get those tired muscles moving.

4. Meditate.

Any form of meditation can be a real, natural healer. Just sit quietly, breathe deeply, and let your mind forget your daily hassles. Think of pleasant things.

Re-energizing your dead batteries will help you put fatigue to rest for good.

Above all, you can fight fatigue best by keeping a positive mental attitude. Try the tips mentioned, and pamper yourself; take a break when you need it.