The Health Discovery and Boot Camp Buddies Legacy.

This website was originally created by Denise (a.k.a. 'mudpies') - who at the time, was overweight, and only looking for support and guidance from other like-minded people, who shared the determination to lose weight and be healthy.

She joined Weight Watchers, and found other individuals online in various bulletin boards for support.

She kept on the program.

After some time, she actually started losing steady amounts of weight!

Which as I remember, was impressive. She was always trying some other diet, but they were always too restrictive, or she never saw any results.

In the late 90's not much existed for Weight Watchers online, so she set up her own website, with bulletin boards, so her new friends could get together and encourage each other to keep on the Weight Watchers program.

Things got serious.

The forums became very strict about staying on the program (OP) 24/7/365. Excuses for failure were not allowed.

The forums declared their name, Boot Camp Buddies
Where going off program, and complaining about it on the forum - would get you seriously reamed out.

Despite the harsh treatment of the members who slipped up, this proved to be very effective for many people.

After setting-up the forums, she added restaurants and recipes with Weight Watchers Points to the site.. mostly as a reference for her friends to access while joining together on the boards - and also from a growing passion to continue helping the people who struggled and found help through her website. Over 400 pages of hard coded HTML were added, and the forums gained new interest from people seeking help with Weight Watchers.

Denise, is the special woman, along with all of her friends and supporters, who founded and built the Health Discovery and Boot Camp Buddies legacy.

Time Runs it's Course

Over the years, Denise lost interest in the ever changing world of computer and website technology.

With the help of community moderators, the Boot Camp Buddies forums and blogs continued to run strong - but updates to started to dwindle.

Weight Watchers had also caught on. They started "Weight Watchers Online" with their own website, forums, and tools. As did numerous other new websites geared towards the same subjects. None of them ever quite achieved the same atmosphere of the original Boot Camp Buddies. Even today, we struggle to regain it's original vigor.

She knew the website needed someone to take care of the technical aspects - after all, many BCBs still called the forums "home", and their friends were more like family. The amount of resources available for Weight Watchers, health, and fitness was incredible. and the BCB community was/is her "baby" that she nurtured and cared for from day one. She could not leave it in the hands of just anybody.

Luckily, her oldest son Jason (aka dirtcakes), inherited some of her computer and website abilities. She needed somebody who understood her work, to keep the website going and provide a place for BCBs to continue meeting. So - a few years ago, I took over the care of for her.

But it Never Stops

A new generation follows the footsteps in the paths set before them.

Little did I know, that Weight Watchers is right up my alley. Apparently the secrets to it's success has a lot to do with science, math, and numbers. My top performing, and favorite subjects! We can have fun here with that stuff!

Focusing on my personal strong points, much of the information I will provide will be factual. Numbers. Formulas. Scientifically proven. Charts and Graphs. I am going to expand on the work my mother started in 1999 - and continue the same features, with new and updated technology for 2016.

There are many who visit our site and contribute, that possess the deep knowledge and understanding of health, fitness, Weight Watchers, the psychology behind weight loss and more. They have been there, and done that - or are "doing what it takes" right now.

Our community focus has always been to promote the sociological and psychological changes that must take place within one's self to achieve your goals.

So what we plan to do for this site now, and in the future, is the same that Health Discovery has always done:

Provide a free place for the people around the world to get everything they need, to not only lose weight and be healthy - but to find friends, and challenge themselves to succeed at their goals.

Let's do this!

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