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Restaurant Nutrition and WWPoints

Our interactive menus make it easier to choose healthy restaurants and fast food by comparing dietary values and nutrition facts. Such as how much fat, cholesterol, sodium or saturated fat - and how many many calories, carbs, grams of fiber, or protein the food contains. We have all nutrition information for restaurants that we could find - including vitamins, minerals, and allergens.

As a tradition, we've tailored special Weight Watchers menus with Points for all restaurants, including the new Smart-Points.


New Recipes for Easy Healthy Eating

Finding recipes with low fat, calories, carbs, sodium, sugar (and more) is going to be super simple. We are developing a new system for sorting all of our recipes. Check it out and let us know what you thing! We don't have any pictures added yet, but you can try to use your imagination :) Send us your pictures if you happen to make a dish!

You can already filter and sort our old Weight Watchers recipe listings to find high fiber and high protein recipes.

Our recipes include Smart-Points, as well as the older calculations of Points for Weight Watchers.

We're still working on this a bit, but soon you can add your own recipes!

Weight-Loss and Diet Tools

Online tools make it simple to quickly calculate health and diet math formulas, and determine healthy weight information - such as your body mass index, and ideal body weight.

You can also simulate how many calories you burned while doing various activities, or determine Weight Watchers Points values from food nutrition information.

Staying Focused, to Stay Fit

If you're trying to find some quick motivation for your diet or exercise regime - or maybe you just enjoy some light, healthy article reading; You've come to the right place!

This is a collection of motivational articles and information from professionals in many different fields of health and fitness.

Other authors include just regular people who have struggled, overcome, and came here to offer their tips of advice and secrets of success.

Weight Watchers Support Forums and Blogs

If you're ready to start doing what it takes - Join our friends in the Boot Camp Buddies groups! Get tough love and support when you need help getting healthy, losing weight, or doing Weight Watchers.

Also get free access to hundreds of thousands of pages of Weight Watchers information, and a massive collection of recipes gathered over the years from our community members.

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