Weight Watcher Points for Perkins

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Perkins Family Restaurant

Entrees Points
Chicken Dinner 13
Fish Dinner 10
Fruit Cup 1
'Lite & Healthy' 2
Omelettes Points
Country Club 25
Deli Ham & Cheese 25
'Denver' with Fruit Cup 5
Everything 18
Granny's Country 26
Granny's Country with Hash Browns, (9 oz.) 32
Ham & Cheese 17
Mushroom & Cheese 19
Seafood with Fruit Cup 6
Sides Points
Toast, unbuttered 2
Hash Browns, 3 oz. 2
Pita Stir Fry Points
Pita with Coleslaw 10
Pita & Pasta Salad 15
Pita with Pasta Salad 12
Salads Points
Chef's Mini 5
Muffins Points
Apple Muffin 13
Banana Nut Muffin 14
Blueberry Muffin 13
Bran Muffin 11
Carrot Muffin 13
Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffin 13
Corn Muffin 15
Cranberry Nut Muffin 19
Oat Bran, Regular Muffin 12
Oat Bran, Plain Muffin 14
Oat Bran 98% Fat-Free Muffin 10
Pancakes Points
Buttermilk, 3 10
Harvest Grain with Low-Cal Syrup, 5 10
Harvest Grain 'Short Stack', 3 6
Syrup, low cal, 1.5 oz. 0
Pies, per slice Points
Apple Pie 13
Apple Pie made with Equal 12
Cherry Pie  13
Cherry Pie made with Equal 12
Coconut Cream Pie 12
French Silk Pie 14
Lemon Meringue Pie 9
Peanut Butter Brownie Pie 12
Pecan Pie 16

* Fiber information not available. Calculated with 0g fiber, and points may be actually slightly lower then shown. 

Sources: Points may have been determined by The Corinne T. Netzer Encyclopedia of Food Values, Weight Watchers Fast Food Companion,  Eating Out Food Counter by Annette B Natow, Ph.D, R.D. and Jo-Ann Helsin, M.A., R.D. or restaurant informational fact sheets or website.  All items are 1 serving size unless otherwise stated.  Although we have striven to check all point information and avoid all mistakes, we make no guarantee on 100% accuracy.

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