Weight Watcher Points for Frisch's Big Boy

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Frisch's Big Boy




Big Boy


Brawny Lad 10
Fish Sand 18
Grilled Marinated Chicken 13
Tuna Salad 15
Dinners, include salad w/o dressing, 1 slice bread w/margarine Points
Breast of Chicken 8
Breast of Chicken w/Mozzarella Cheese 9
Cajun Chicken 8
Cajun Cod 9
Chicken 'n Vegetable Stir Fry 12
Cod, Baked 9
Cod, Broiled 9
Cod Dijon, Baked 11
Cod Dijon, Broiled 11
Spaghetti Marinara 10
Vegetable Stir Fry 8
Chicken with Italian Sauce & Spaghetti 12
Pitas Points
Breast of Chicken with Mozzarella Cheese 9
Turkey Pita 5
Vegetable Pita 3
Soups & Salads Points
Chili 8
Cabbage Soup 8
Chicken Breast Salad w/ Dijon & 1/2 Pita 8
Dinner Salad without dressing 0
Cole Slaw 5
Dressings Points
Buttermilk Dressing 2
Dijon Sauce 2
Side Orders Points
French Fries 8
Onion Rings 15
Baked Potato 3
Rice, 1/2 cup 2
Carrots 0
Corn 1
Mixed Vegetables 0
Peas 1
Green Beans 0
Roll 3
Bran Muffin 8
Desserts Points
Frozen Yogurt 2
Frozen Yogurt Shake 4
No-No Frozen Yogurt 2

Fiber count no available and has been calculated with 0, some items may actually be lower in points.

Sources: Points may have been determined by The Corinne T. Netzer Encyclopedia of Food Values, Weight Watchers Fast Food Companion,  Eating Out Food Counter by Annette B Natow, Ph.D, R.D., The Doctor's Pocket Calorie, Fat & Carbohydrate Counter, Fast Facts on Fast Food, and Jo-Ann Helsin, M.A., R.D. or Restaurant brochure informational fact sheets.  All items are 1 serving size unless otherwise stated.  Although we have striven to check all point information and avoid all mistakes, we make no guarantee on 100% accuracy.

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