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    Talking New...but not really

    Well it has been a long time since I did weight watchers....maybe 5 years! And that was just the last time I attempted. I even was a part of BCB about 10 years ago before I had children.

    Weight Watchers is the ONLY diet plan that has ever actually worked. Now as I find myself at an all time high weight (this is how much I weighed while 9 months pregnant), I find myself back here. I wanted to loose weight. The Dr. gave we an awful weight loss plan that had me unable to eat lots of yummy fruit. I threw that plan in the trash after trying for a month and signed up yesterday for WW.

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    WW is the way to go. Keep at it. Find a place here and post your questions or anything. We are here to help.

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    I am not new to WW but just joined again with the new Smart Points, I get 30 a day, plus another 42 per week, I am on my first week, weigh in is tomorrow. I find myself short at the end of the day with anything from 4-12 points left. I am eating healthy, not hungry. I eat a lot of zero point veggies and fruits. is it OK if I leave that many points unused ? I am thinking the cup of pineapple and cup of strawberries make up for it.
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    You should eat your 30 points or whatever is assigned to maintain good health. Make sure you are eating enough protein. Protein keeps us full longer. Fruit has sugar in it too. WW. is a healthy life style change. We should not think of it as a diet. A diet is something a person goes on (in my opinion) to lose a few lbs. WW. is what we should be following for life.


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    Hi Meghan,

    Same boat here. I just rejoined WW yesterday and came back to BCB this morning after I don't know how many years. I'm so glad BCB is still here. I am determined to make this work again for me. Hopefully we can help each other along the way :-)

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