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Thread: Good Vegetarian recipes on WW?

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    Good morning, I just rejoined WW this week. I have a 16 year old who is a vegetarian and while I don't make every meal vegetarian I try to do at least half. I was just looking for some quick links for dinners we can all eat together.
    Thank you

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    Thank you this will be helpful. I made vegertarian chili posted on this board last night and it was really good.

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    I'm pretty much vegetarian and so are my husband and children. One thing I've found to be helpful and time saving is to make assemble-ready meals. So, if you're making pasta, fry up the hamburger or put the meatballs to the side, or ladle out a separate batch of plain sauce. It's easier to make one meal for everyone and just have the meat on the side for whoever wants it.

    We make veggie stir-fries and have tofu in one pan and whatever meat people might want in another. I usually only make a tofu stir fry but sometimes the boys want chicken or beef strips. Same meal, just added differently.

    Same for tacos-- fry up hamburger or make refried beans and use the toppings communally.

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