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Thread: My Slideshow

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    Default Slideshow of my Weightloss ~ Over 75 pounds gone forever!

    I wanted to share my slideshow with my fellow BCB'ers. My DH and I take pics every 10 pounds off (aprox.) so check back for updates. We started this journey in late April 2007. My DH will be at goal this month. His slideshow is also posted in this forum. He will of lost 60 lbs. Let me know what you think.


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    tinka Guest

    Default Re: My Slideshow

    Your slideshow caused tears to come to my eyes. You look great!
    Thanks so much for taking the pictures and wearing the same clothing to make it so obvious!


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    Default Re: My Slideshow

    Laura, I've just started to tackle my weight and you are such an inspiration! Thanks so much for sharing.

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    Default Re: My Slideshow

    Wow! You are amazing! Congratulations on all you've accomplished! I noticed that by your last couple of pictures, you're smiling! It shows how good you feel and look! Keep up the great work!


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    Default Re: My Slideshow

    That is amazing progress! You have so much to be proud of!

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    Wow, you look amazing!! You are looking very trim and your doing an awesome job!

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    NovaChick Guest

    Default Re: My Slideshow

    You're doing amazing! I can see the definition in your abs and the change in your face is incredible! You're a beautiful woman!

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    Default Re: My Slideshow

    You are doing fantastic and you are an inspiration! Amazing progress, keep up the hard work.
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    Default Re: My Slideshow

    Laura, your stomach is shrinking! You look terrific, buddy.
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    Default Re: My Slideshow

    You look HOT mama!!! but I already knew that. Keep up the good work. I appreciate you!

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    Default Re: My Slideshow

    Laura, you look amazing! Congrats on all of your hard work!!!

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    Default Re: My Slideshow

    WOW! You look great! What an inspiration!


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    Default Re: My Slideshow

    Great photos! Thanks for sharing...

    I bet you feel FABULOUS!!

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    Default Re: My Slideshow

    great job!!!
    I love that you kept taking pics in the same thing.. I wish I had done that
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    Default Re: My Slideshow

    So sorry for those trying to view my slideshow. I had to fix the links. They should be working again now.
    6'1"-2DD~1/05 & 2/07
    4/17/07 SW:324.8/CW:257.4/GW:189

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    Wow! Wow! Wow!
    You look great! I love that you are taking progress must be very encouraging to see yourself shrinking. Keep up the great work!!

    SW and HW-198

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    Default Re: My Slideshow

    Rolling back the years....

    You look younger in each pic.
    What a great way to celebrate and inspire others.

    You are worth the effort.

    B4 & After:

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    Default Re: My Slideshow

    You look fantastic!! That's really impressive- especially the sideviews!! You just inspired me to stay completely OP at a christmas party today- so congratulations and thanks!
    HW:256.8/cw:244/GW:size 8-10- whatever that is

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    Wow, you are totally shrinking away. You look awesome and I bet you feel so much healthier and happier. You go will be at goal in no time!!!

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    I love how your smile is getting bigger as your body is getting smaller! I know how you feel. Thank you for your inspiring post! Exactly what I was looking for to motivate me!

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    Default Re: My Slideshow

    Laura, you look amazing! Love how you did your slideshow and used same wardrobe and backdrop. It really emphasized your success. Very inspirational and motivational. Thanks for sharing.


    Losing weight to feel great in 2008!

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    Default Re: My Slideshow

    updated my original post, as my signature doesnt have room for the links anymore.
    6'1"-2DD~1/05 & 2/07
    4/17/07 SW:324.8/CW:257.4/GW:189

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    Default Re: My Slideshow

    Hi Laura - You look so great, You have accomplished so much in the 8 months you've been working ww. You're a really motivation to all of us! Congrats!!!
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    Default Re: My Slideshow

    Wow! that slideshow really gives a great perspective of how far you have come on your journey...inspiration both to us and yourself I'm sure!

    I wish I had thought of it myself..!

    Keep up the great work..
    Be your own best friend every day.

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    Default Re: My Slideshow

    Amazing job. You are the incredible shrinking woman...

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