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Thread: Spanish bulgur! YUMM!!!

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    Tiffy_Sugar Guest

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    Hey there guys! Well, I now have been also been converted to bulgur! I found it at a local general store in my VERY small town and was so happy when I found it! I made it as a side dish last night and it was so good! I knew you could put it in place of rice in anything and I LOVE spanish rice, so I dicided to try and come up with a recipe that was similar and boy did i find one! This makes two HUGE servings and could easily be a main dish. You could divide this up to be 4 smaller side dish servings as well.

    1/2 cup bulgur
    3/4 cup water
    1 tsp chicken boullion
    1 can mexican stewed tomatoes (or 1 can regular stewed tomatoes, some minced onion to taste, and 1 small can of green chilies)
    1 tsp. onion powder
    a few dashes of pepper

    bring water to a boil and add boullion. Mix in the rest of ingredients and bring all to a boil in a saucepan then reduce to a light simmer. Cover and leave it be for 15 minuets. stir once then cover again for another 15 minuets. I like it really thick and creamy so I left it on a simmer UNCOVERED for another 20 minutes or so and man oh man... it was GREAT! I even got my hubby to like it!

    About 3 pts for half this recipe and like I said, it really could be a main dish. This recipe made about 3 FULL cups of the stuff. Try choping up some cooked chicken and mix in with some mushrooms and bell peppers for a great gumbo tasting skillet dinner or you could make stuffed bell peppers with this too and it would be great and much lower in points than regular stuffed bell peppers! Just hollow out the bell peppers, spoon this mixture in and top with some fat free or low fat cheese (adjust pts accordingly) and pop in the oven until the pepper is softened and cheese is melted. Hope yall like it

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    That looks awfully good, Tiff. I've never cooked with bulgur wheat before and your recipe looks like a good first one for me to try.


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    And this is totally CORE--so no counting for me!! Thank you--sounds wonderful! I love bulgur!
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    I never have tried bulgur, but the recipe sure sounds good!

    What size can of tomatoes did you use?

    Thanks Judy in Nevada

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    Tiffy_Sugar Guest

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    I used 15 oz.

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    If you are on Flex this is 4 Points for the whole batch or 2 Points each for 2 servings. I only pointed the bulgur ... the rest of the ingredients are 0 Points as long as the tomatoes have no added sugar.

    Look yummy to me!

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    I've done this before~ Here's my microwave version:

    Put 1-2 cups of any combination of: salsa/or petite-diced tomatoes/and/or diced chilis into an 8 cup Pyrex measuring cup and add broth/or water to bring mixture up to 4 cup mark.

    Add 2 cups bulgar.

    Cook on "high" for 15-20 minutes in microwave.

    Let sit for 5 minutes, then "fluff" and serve. :bcbsalute
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    I made this, and stirred a can of pinto beans right in! Yummo!
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    I just made this recipe tonight, with the meatloaf muffins, and green beans, and what a meal!!!!!!!!!! I have never had bulgur before, in fact I had bought it, and just left it in the cupboard for about 3 weeks, as I was kinda afraid to try it.

    But, it is delicious!!! I love spanish rice, and this is a great recipe to use instead of rice.

    Anyone know of any other good recipes??
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    Bump for Iris!
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