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Health Discovery has been proudly serving the online community for over ten year with FREE tools and resources to help you lose weight and keep it off.

We have a wealth of information for Weight Watchers and anyone interested in fitness and exercise along with proper nutrition. Our goal is always to help educate and motivate you on your road to living a healthy and happy way of life.

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Health and Fitness Articles

Reading health oriented articles is likely the best way to exercise your 'brain muscles' - Which in turn, can motivate the rest of your body to become active as well.

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Weight Loss Tools

If your trying to lose weight by counting calories or even Weight Watchers Points, our health resources provide various calculators and charts to plot your course of action. You can also easily find your ideal body weight, or body mass index using these tools.

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Healthy Eating Guides

See customizable and sortable restaurant menus with nutrition facts or Points and PointsPlus for Weight Watchers. We also have other guides to eating healthy with recipes and food choices that are nutritious and light.

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Weight Watchers Community

For Weight Watchers, and others interested in finding groups of friends to be healthy with - you can join us in the forums.

Get free access to thousands of pages of Weight Watchers information and recipes, or sign-up to start posting and join in with the Boot Camp Buddies - Doing what it takes to stay healthy and fit together.

Be sure to come back and check for updates to our site! We're working hard on bringing an improved look and feel to all of our older but valuable material, as well as adding new features to help you get healthy.